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Dog Cat Pet Birthday Princess Dress with Crinoline

Dog Cat Pet Birthday Princess Dress with Crinoline

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Model Name: Gem

Owners : A & A's Chihuahuas Rome NY

Our cotton dresses with tulle underskirts are great for going out... These dresses also work well for photoshoots and attending special events. The fancy little is removable with safe locking closure. Many of these dresses are themed and have hours of sewing put into making them by hand.  The dress also works as a harness with a built-in ring for your leash.  Where Functional, affordable, and fashionable meet!

  • Faux Suede Bodice & Cotton lined
  • Spot washable (hand wash and Hang Dry only)
  • Good for winter or summer weather
  • The bow is handsewn
  • Crinoline tulle or poof for lift

Please measure according to the photo chart. All measurements given are exact outfit measurements please allow room for the Velcro brand closures to close (1-2” over what your dog measures) All outfits are hand cut and may vary up to ¼”. Ribbon and bow embellishments may vary depending on stock.

If you are unsure of what size to order, please message your pet’s measurements. Please remember we do not work on weekends. Monday – Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

Think your dog would make a great model? Post your pet in one of our outfits on our FB page and we will share it, if the picture is amazing we will post in on our product listings on this website. 

 XXS puppy size
Neck – 5-8”
Chest Girth – 6- 12”
Length – 8”

Neck – 7-12”
Chest Girth – 8-16”
Length – 10”

Neck – 9-15”
Girth – 10-19”
Length – 13”

Cobby Medium (great for Frenchies, Pugs, Bullies)

Neck 13" - 21"
Girth 11 - 23 1/2"
Length 12-13"


Handcrafted in New York, and Disable Women-owned

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