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Comfy Fit Male Dog Diaper Belly Band Super Heroes- The Ultimate Solution for Incontinence and Marking

Comfy Fit Male Dog Diaper Belly Band Super Heroes- The Ultimate Solution for Incontinence and Marking

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THE DOG BELLY BAND™ is the original handcrafted belly band for male dogs. Our male dog diapers are designed with 30 years of experience. They are the go-to male diaper for hundreds of breeders and even used in boarding and veterinarian clinics around the country. Our bands are not made with elastics or substandard fabrics. Each band is crafted by hand in New York, using designer fabrics. We incorporate three layers of protection for your male dog. We only use a top-quality anti-pill fleece against your dog's skin, making the band perfect for hairless breeds, then inside a waterproofing fabric, then designer cotton or cotton blend fabric on the outside making each band work of art.

THE DOG BELLY BAND™ is washable and reusable. It is recommended to use Poise or an Incontinence pad to keep urine away from the dog’s body and prevent urine burns. We use VELCRO BRAND Fasteners to hold and adjust the band to your dog's needs.

These are actual measurements; please allow 1" for the poise pad and at least 2 " to close example, if your dog's exact waist measurement is 7", add 1" for pad = 8", then 2" to close = 10" is the size range you need which is an XS or if your dog is a pup then the Small would also work and allow room for growth.
We offer our diapers for male dogs in 4 sizes and for most 5 widths. We also take custom orders if you do not see something that fits your boy dog.

XS - 5" - 14"
S - 7-18"
M - 14-25"
L - 24-30"

Close the hook and loop tape before washing to avoid the hooks attaching to other items or collecting threads in them.
Machine wash in cold or warm water. Air dry for most extended life. If you use the dryer, use the lowest setting possible. Medium is the best compromise for me. Hot drying may shrink your band.

We take custom requests.
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